Universal Orlando is a gold mine for Potter fans, but it will never give us what we most want.

January 2023

Long-term Imperius Curses, Dumbledore's multilayered calculations, Snape walking a fine line, and Draco's absolutely terrible planning.

November 2022

Snape's film noir moment, the utter stupidity of the Carrows, Pius Thicknesse as Gerald Ford, and the failures of the Dark Mark as a communications…

July 2022

The rules of the game make perfect sense when you look closely

May 2022

Wizarding social programs, administrative incompetence at the orphanage, the power of the Headmaster, and a deep dive on Ministry spending powers.

March 2022

Harry not thinking straight, how to avoid detection in a big school, Snape's slimy things in jars, and the only way Harry can be punished.

February 2022

The Harry/Dudley friendship (?), boxing as a character builder, evaluating theories, and some Little Whinging geography.
Hassan Mostafa, Omnioculars, Quidditch Moneyball, and how defense works.

January 2022

A super, super deep dive into the obstacles to the Sorcerer's Stone.
Phonetics of fictional accents, the importance of the salt content of the lake, Hogwarts' underwater transit system, and a surprisingly poignant moment…
Chamber of Secrets back in theaters, why we need to see better quidditch, the strangeness of Ginny ransacking Harry's stuff, and why the early books are…
The Fat Lady's sense of humor, Hogwarts password infrastructure, a deep dive on the dormitories, and all-talk no-action Ron.