Universal Orlando is a gold mine for Potter fans, but it will never give us what we most want.
Long-term Imperius Curses, Dumbledore's multilayered calculations, Snape walking a fine line, and Draco's absolutely terrible planning.
Snape's film noir moment, the utter stupidity of the Carrows, Pius Thicknesse as Gerald Ford, and the failures of the Dark Mark as a communications…
The rules of the game make perfect sense when you look closely
Wizarding social programs, administrative incompetence at the orphanage, the power of the Headmaster, and a deep dive on Ministry spending powers.
Harry not thinking straight, how to avoid detection in a big school, Snape's slimy things in jars, and the only way Harry can be punished.
The Harry/Dudley friendship (?), boxing as a character builder, evaluating theories, and some Little Whinging geography.
Hassan Mostafa, Omnioculars, Quidditch Moneyball, and how defense works.
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