Phonetics of fictional accents, the importance of the salt content of the lake, Hogwarts' underwater transit system, and a surprisingly poignant moment for Hermione.
Chamber of Secrets back in theaters, why we need to see better quidditch, the strangeness of Ginny ransacking Harry's stuff, and why the early books are…
The Fat Lady's sense of humor, Hogwarts password infrastructure, a deep dive on the dormitories, and all-talk no-action Ron.
Replacing bones with magic, a deep dive into wizarding jobs, pranks with a boneless, rubbery arm, and Skele-Gro's corporate structure.
Tired: Jacob is holding a wand. Wired: is Pickett holding a wand?
Chocolate Frog illustrations, ordinary days with the Dursleys, the original Hedwig, and what counts toward the Statute of Secrecy.
How fiction works, a major inflection point in the series, Harry's very relatable situation, and the problem with the Hall of Prophecy.
Multiple levels on which Malfoy's plan was terrible, some cursed necklace discussion questions, Dumbledore's restorative Horcrux-hunting, and Harry's…
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